Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Prosecutors say police knew Crutcher killing was 'bad shoot'

Prosecutors say police knew Crutcher killing was 'bad shoot'

Shelby was seen running from the courthouse.

Defence lawyer Shannon McMurray argued that prosecutors rushed to charge Shelby for political reasons, fearing civil unrest like the angry street protests that erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina, after the fatal shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott four days after Crutcher was killed.

Jordan said Thursday his department would continue to uphold the publics right to protest. "These are officers who are paid to serve and protect us". Then the bailiff went and got more tissues for two other women and a man who were all crying, as well.

A jury has acquitted of first-degree manslaughter a white Oklahoma police officer who said she fired out of fear a year ago when she killed an unarmed black man with his hands held above his head. He said his officers are trained to de-escalate tensions and that he expects demonstrations to continue to be peaceful. The police chief will review an internal affairs investigation that will determine whether she again patrols Tulsa streets. Shelby testified Monday, saying quote "if you hesitate, if you delay, you die".

She angrily accused Tulsa police of participating in a cover-up to protect Shelby.

Jurors deliberated more than nine hours before they announced the acquittal of Betty Shelby, report the Tulsa World, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The judge denied their request, but told them they were free to disclose publicly after the trial concluded how they arrived at their decision. Betty shelby had the gun. betty shelby was following him with the gun.

"I ask Oklahomans to respect our criminal justice system and especially the jurors, who heard the evidence from both sides in this case".

"I know that jury did what we ask them to do. that is American jurisprudence at its best", he said. I appeal to Tulsans and others to remain calm.

Crutcher's family was quickly ushered out of the courtroom sobbing and wailing after the decision.

Tulsa's mayor is also speaking out after Shelby's verdict. "It does not change our recognition of the racial disparities that have afflicted Tulsa historically. We need better training for police officers!" We will need to help our children find productive ways to manage their emotions. They said Crutcher overreacted. How can you trust someone who erodes the trust? She also said, "I did everything I could to stop this".

She said the first time she fired her weapon on duty was when she shot Crutcher, who did not speak during their encounter, according to court testimony from officers on the scene. All the elements of manslaughter were there. "Terence's hands were up". Crutcher's death was simply one in a string of such police killings of black men around the nation that renewed passions and debate about race relations in America and how and how often police officers use deadly force against people of color.

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