Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Actress Lisa Riley hopes BBC drama Three Girls 'will help thousands'

Actress Lisa Riley hopes BBC drama Three Girls 'will help thousands'

The story is based on the true events of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale. In the late nineties, I worked for a third sector organisation and supported young women and girls who were homeless or in a housing crisis - many of whom were fleeing child sexual exploitation.

Lisa said she felt the weight of her duty to tell the story to the wider audience to get justice for the victims and "thousands" of others. Loose Women panellist Lisa Riley played the mother of Amber and Ruby and was nearly brought to tears while speaking about her role yesterday. I got angry and more angry.

However, since the programme is based on the real-life sexual grooming scandal in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, it was understandably a sensitive, and mentally hard production process - and Lisa has spoken out about the "horrendous" case, and how angry she felt while bringing it to life.

"Because by portraying this scene and acting it to the best of our ability will help thousands".

She added: "I've got the body".

As Detective Constable Maggie Oliver, played by Lesley Sharp, says in the Three Girls drama: "When we look back at our careers, it is important that we stood on the right side". However, the world she is drawn towards is one of abuse and drugs.

"I believe senior police officers should be held accountable for failing to act", she said.

"I shouldn't have had to leave my job to get this out into the public domain, but when I was doing my job I tried for over a year".

Years later and numerous girls are now in their 20s; because of a lack of prosecution numerous men behind the horrific acts are still at large.

A three part BBC mini-series explores the harrowing experiences of teenage girls at the hands of Pakistani men in Rochdale.

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