Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

EC holds all-party meet to decide on EVMs: Who said what

EC holds all-party meet to decide on EVMs: Who said what

However, the tussle between political parties and ECI over EVMs is not a new thing; it only resurfaced after BSP faced a defeat in 2017 UP elections.

AAP has taken a very aggressive stand against EVM tampering, after the party's poor show in recent elections, such as the assembly elections in Goa and Punjab and recently in the Municipal elections in Delhi.

"Why is it that all the technical defects in EVMs that have come to light recently, say in Bhind or Dholpur, favoured only the BJP?"

Articulating AAP's demand, Bharadwaj said any party could name five booths where they suspected EVMs had been tampered with.

Mishra, who was suspended from AAP's primary membership yesterday, said the party should stop living in "denial" and accept the fact that people do not vote for Kejriwal anymore.

"All the future elections should be conducted only on VVPAT enabled machines".

Aam Aadmi Party today said put a full stop on all the speculations revolving around the same and gave a full demonstration on how the machine can be rigged. VVPATs or Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail is a printed slip which tells voters which party and candidate they have voted for.

The Election Commission, on the other hand, reiterated that the EVMs used by it were tamperproof.

However, it was not made clear until the end if those EVMs, which the young engineer tampered allegedly, were tampered at all or not because they were not used in the election process that year. At the day-long meeting, which started with the opening remarks of Chief Election Commission Nasim Zaidi, the Commission was expected to seek views of political parties on the proposed challenge it plans to throw to hack its EVMs.

Besides talking about the manufacturing details of the EVMs, ECI's status report also skips the mere possibility of changing the microcontroller, as it is claimed by Kejriwal.

She had pointed to the BJP's vote share in Muslim majority areas to substantiate her argument that that it would not have been possible for the saffron party to get that many votes in those areas, if not for EVM fraud.

The Election Commission in a statement dismissed the AAP's "tampering" of a "look-alike" EVM. However, the only way to secure these against manipulations is to have a paper trail system.

Meanwhile, Election Commission of India (ECI) sources said that the AAP had demonstrated the alleged rigging on a prototype EVM and challenged AAP to prove it during an official EC hackathon challenge.

The special sessions held by the AAP government for "political purposes" are against the constitutional propriety as they incur expenditure of a significant sum from the public exchequer, he added. "We ( AAP) have the expertise to prove whether those EVMs were tampered with or not", claimed Bhardwaj.

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