Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

France's Hollande greets Macron in first meeting since victory

France's Hollande greets Macron in first meeting since victory

But he is inexperienced - the presidential election was the first time he had stood for office - he has no political party and he faces a huge task to fashion a working parliamentary majority after legislative elections next month.

One of Macron's immediate tasks will be to name his prime minister who will govern between now and the parliamentary elections on June 11 and 18, and perhaps beyond.

After his victory on Sunday night, Merkel praised the success of Macron and his independent, politically centrist En Marche! movement.

Mr Macron won the presidency with 66% of votes cast for a candidate.

Although many across Europe were relieved that the anti-immigrant euroskeptic National Front (FN) leader Le Pen was defeated, many in France felt deflated after they felt they had chosen "the lesser of two evils", as one French voter put it to DW.

In 2014, Macron became minister of economy, industry and digital data under President Francois Hollande.

Monday also marked decades of peace in Western Europe, something Macron highlighted in his campaign against Le Pen. Le Pen campaigned for France to leave the 28-nation European Union and drop the shared euro currency in favor of reinstating a new French franc.

The president said the transfer of power would take place just a week after Mr Macron's election as the youngest president in modern France.

The French president-elect, Emmanuel Macron, plans to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel shortly after his inauguration, according to Sylvie Goulard, a member of the European Parliament and a close confidante of Macron.

"The National Front, as long as it is led by Marine Le Pen, will no longer be a player, no matter how it changes".

Macron will also become the first President from outside the two traditional main parties since the modern republic's foundation in 1958.

Among the approximately 450 candidates set to be announced on Thursday will be a number of familiar political faces from the Socialist party and from the centrist party Modem, headed by Macron ally Francois Bayrou. In interviews Monday, National Front officials said the party founded by her father would get a new name to try and draw in a broader spectrum of supporters.

"The French voted for continuity and I called Monsieur Macron Macron to congratulate him on his election", she said.

Republicans vice-president Laurent Wauquiez emphasised Macron's vulnerability, noting he had been a grudging choice of president for many voters, who backed him only to block Le Pen.

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