Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Sport | By Ellis Neal

76ers, Celtics agree on trade for No. 1 pick

76ers, Celtics agree on trade for No. 1 pick

While the majority of the Celtics' offseason previously revolved around former Washington guard Markelle Fultz, Boston must now turn their attention toward another crop of players, as the former Huskies standout is nearly certainly coming off the board at No. 1 overall. The Celtics will have the option of choosing the 2019 pick if the Lakers' 2018 pick is too low. In return, the Celtics will get Philly's Third overall pick, and two of the 76ers future 1st round picks. Both of them are two-way players who can score and defend with the best the National Basketball Association have to offer.

The Celtics would land the Lakers pick only if it's in the 2-5 range. Could they be drafting for someone else potentially? The offseasons of this year and next year will dictate how effective Ainge's 2013 heist was and if he makes the right trades and/or selections to compete with the league's elite.

So basically, the Sixers are swapping their first round picks this year (No. 1 and No. 3 overall) and the Celtics get either the Sixers pick via the Lakers in 2018 or the Sixers pick via the Kings in 2019.

By passing on Fultz, Boston may be resting its hopes both in the potential of Jackson, assuming they draft him, and the ability to procure even more game-changing talent this summer, as well as each of the next two years. The Celtics have also been the main players in the Jimmy Butler rumors for quite a while now. Boston's surplus of useful wings could be part of Danny Ainge positioning himself for another blockbuster deal, but let's not rule out the possibility that he's become addicted to kicking the ball down the road.

Maybe the Celtics can talk about Kevin Love with Cleveland, or if they want to think young D'Angelo Russell with the Lakers (assuming L.A. drafts Lonzo Ball), although either of them moving are long shots.

The Athletic Chicago's Sean Highkin had a good thread of tweets on Saturday night that made complete sense.

Redick, 32, has averaged 15 points or more in each of the last five seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers and has posted three-point shooting percentages over 42 percent for three straight years.

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