Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

At least 26 hurt after China Eastern Airlines flight hits turbulence

At least 26 hurt after China Eastern Airlines flight hits turbulence

Passengers suffered broken bones, cuts to the scalp and soft tissue injuries, the Xinhua state news agency reported.

According to local authorities, the injured were taken to the First People's Hospital in Yunnan and Yanan Hospital Affiliated to Kunming Medical University.

One witness told the Xinhua news agency: "We felt strong turbulence twice and minor turbulence three times".

In a posting on its official Weibo account, China Eastern Airlines said that it had arranged relevant medical services for the flight's passengers, without confirming details of the injuries. We remind all travelers to please fasten their seat belts during the entirety of each trip. "All passengers and crew members were landed safely", she said.

According to reports by the South China morning post, the airline said in a statement that the flight crew of MU774 took necessary measures and the flight landed safely. Because of the disruption, the fight landed an hour and twenty minutes later than scheduled.

The Flight MU744 from Charles de Gaulle Airport was descending to land at Kunming Changshui International Airport in Kunming in Yunnan province. "We feel lucky the plane did not crash", an injured passenger surnamed Shang was quoted as saying.

The incident came a week after another China Eastern plane made an emergency landing in Sydney, after a huge hole appeared in one of its engine casings and forced it to turn back just after taking off.

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