Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Medicine | By Megan Pierce

Friday: Behind the Headlines - A local perspective on the Alexandria shooting

Friday: Behind the Headlines - A local perspective on the Alexandria shooting

The gunman who wounded five people at the congressional baseball practice on Wednesday only opened fire after learning that the men on the field were Republicans.

Scalise, 51, was in dire condition when he was first shot, but internal bleeding is under control and the prognosis is positive. And she wouldn't go into anything about his politics but did add this detail that he sold everything he owned from his businesses.

"I think that an excellent recovery is a good possibility", Dr. Jack Sava, director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

When the wife of Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson addressed the media for the first time on Thursday, near her home in Belleville, IL, she said she had no idea that her husband was planning to shoot people at a GOP baseball practice, according to reports.

He used a.30-caliber semi-automatic rifle and a 9 mm handgun. In addition to targeting Republicans and the newfound assassination list, Hodgkinson posted inflammatory statements on Facebook criticizing President Trump and other members of the Republican party.

Investigators may get some clues as to Hodgkinson's motivation by talking to family members and others who knew him. "We salute them, and we also salute members of Alexandria Police, Fire and Rescue", Trump said. "But you just never know".

Hodgkinson died from his injuries in a shootout with police.

Former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, who chatted with Hodgkinson at the gym, said he assumed the man was homeless because he wore pretty much the same outfit every day and carried a bag full of extra clothes. He thought about asking a staffer about him but never did.

Hodgkinson, who works in the tax business herself, didn't seem to know how to elaborate on his apparent mission. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who from the floor of the Senate hours after the shooting said he was "sickened by this despicable act". He always drank Budweiser from a can and drank alone, barely speaking to anyone, including the bartenders.

Sue Hodgkinson spoke to reporters Thursday outside her IL home. Wednesday, they said the IL resident had been living out of his auto in the D.C. area since March. When he found out the shooter was from his home district, Bost's team started searching for any previous communications. Moments later, over 50 shots from a high-powered rifle were fired.

(St. Clair County Illinois Sheriff's Department via AP).

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