Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

No sign of healing in G7 climate change rift

No sign of healing in G7 climate change rift

As a result, the USA said it would not join those sections of the communique on climate and multilateral development banks. McKenna says Canada has no interest in renegotiating the Paris climate change agreement in order to bring the United States back on board.

Washington did sign on to the environment communiqué adopted in Bologna, but with a conspicuous footnote underscoring its opposition the document's 18-point section on climate change.

President Donald Trump's recent announcement that the us will withdraw from the Paris Agreement-adopted by almost 200 countries in 2015 and aimed at limiting global climate change-has created a sharp split between the United States and the other G7 countries on climate policy, which is on full display in the environment ministers' communique.

States, cities, businesses, philanthropies, and universities have vowed to fill the void that the US federal government makes if it departs from the accord or ignores its voluntary targets: a 26 to 28-percent reduction in the country's carbon emissions by 2025, relative to 2005 levels, and further cuts thereafter.

Important players in U.S. industry and individual cities and states are already implementing changes to meet targets laid down in Paris.

"President Trump's announced withdrawal [from the accord] has heightened the focus on this fundamental existential threat called global warming, called habitat destruction, called species extinction", Brown said in a speech.

His decision has been met with worldwide condemnation, including from within the us itself.

CLIMATE CHANGE 101 WITH BILL NYE Climate Change is a real and serious issue. Two years ago, the climate change holdouts were Japan, which had to turn to coal-fired power after shutting down its nuclear power plants because of the 2011 quake, and Canada, which has since had a change of government.

And with the top-down climate approach now dead on arrival here in the US, the bottom-up alternatives are getting a lot more attention.

The 2015 Paris agreement aims to prevent the Earth from heating up by any more than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) since the start of the industrial age. He was the U.S.'s representative to this weekend's G7 meeting, but he left the summit early due to scheduling issues.

Trump cited the negative impact of the treaty on the US auto industry, among many others. The group, spearheaded by Bloomberg, has signatories from 125 cities, nine states, 183 colleges and universities, and 902 businesses.

"We can not allow one nation to derail what 190 other nations are happy to do", he said.

The decision to not join the G7 commitment to climate change comes almost two weeks after President Trump said he would pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal.

The Paris accord commits countries to holding global temperature rises to "well below" 2C above pre-industrial levels, which will require global emissions to be cut to net zero by the second half of the century.

Among the three countries, the US would stand alone in withdrawing from the accord.

"Every country but the United States expressed their absolutely unwavering commitment to the swift and effective implementation of the Paris agreement", she said in a conference call with reporters Monday.

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