Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Addressing climate change is an urgent issue

Addressing climate change is an urgent issue

Keyserling signed a letter committing to the Paris climate agreement, which was signed by world leaders in 2015 and set goals for reducing emissions and slowing the planet's rising temperature.

North Korea, one of the most diplomatically isolated countries, called President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord "selfish", "short-sighted and silly".

Conservative members of the NC House said that while the economy is priority No. 1, they aren't ignoring the environment, citing House Bill 589, which would ease some of the subsidies and mandates for the renewable energy industry. Well, since the the second-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases - only China emits more - we must carry a substantial share of the load.

"The Trump administration's announcement undermines a key pillar in the fight against climate change and damages the world's ability to avoid the most risky and costly effects of climate change", the "We Are Still In" letter said.

The rally comes a week after the Trump administration announced the USA would withdraw from the accord. From criticism of President Obama's golf outings - which he's already outpaced - to climate change, an issue he once tweeted was "Created by and for the Chinese in order to make USA manufacturing non-competitive".

Hawaii has just become the first American state to ensure their accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

"North Korea has strong incentives to fight climate change and its potential to erode government control", Benjamin Habib, a North Korea expert at Australia's La Trobe University, told CNN. The U.S. has been a global leader since World War II.

"The "America First Policy" advocated by Trump led to the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement".

"It's disappointing because it's really taking us backwards instead of moving us forward through time", she said. "This current decision will not stand".

There is no legal penalty if a country misses its climate goals in the agreement, Hodges said, but there is a sense of accountability for each country. This makes the USA one of three countries outside of the pact that aims to slow Earth's temperature climb before it reaches two degrees Celsius higher than its preindustrial average.

We're glad to see our governor, Andrew Cuomo, lead NY to join with California and Washington in starting a coalition of states committed to upholding their part of the Paris pact. Not only are rural communities likely to suffer some of the worst consequences of climate change, but we will miss out on opportunities to shape the direction of global policy and markets.

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