Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Apple Partners With IKEA On Virtual Furniture App For iOS 11

Apple Partners With IKEA On Virtual Furniture App For iOS 11

Apple management mentioned IKEA very briefly in the iOS 11 keynote and mentioned the virtual furniture app, although they didn't say a lot about it. Apple is enabling developers to build their own AR apps for the iOS ecosystem using the SDK.

AR actually isn't new for IKEA, which has implemented it in its catalogue app. Point app at catalogue, view virtual furniture on your phone and then see how it would look like in your living room.

Ikea is also looking to leverage digital tools to help boost its sales. This is also why it doesn't really surprise to learn that in a report from Digital.di (via Business Insider), Apple and IKEA have also teamed up for an AR app for furniture shopping.

We know that iOS 11 is going to go big on augmented reality when it arrives for iPhone users later in the year, and Ikea's Michael Valdsgaard has spilled a bean or two about how his company is going to be involved. The app will make it possible for customers to try furniture in their homes to see how it looks before actually buying it.

The new AR app is launching in the Fall of 2017.

Valdsgaard said it is Ikea's hope to integrate a shopping capability as well, but it may not be functional in the first version.

Apple has been working on its augmented reality projects for quite some time now and in a recent interview with Bloomberg, CEO Tim Cook has said that he is so excited about the AR efforts of the company that he wanted to "yell out and scream".

The app presents new potentials for e-commerce, but Valdsgaard made it clear that IKEA's massive warehouse/meatball emporiums will remain to be a major focus for the company, calling them "our greatest asset".

"When you push into AR, you need to understand tech".

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