Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Great Danes Rescued From 'Squalid' Puppy Mill

Great Danes Rescued From 'Squalid' Puppy Mill

The dogs were found living in "squalid conditions with limited access to food or water", according to a press release from the Humane Society.

The owner, Fay, reportedly advertised the puppies for $2,500 a piece under the name of De La Sang Monde.

Fay did not respond to a message seeking comment left at the property, where police said she had been living with two other adults.

Some of the adult dogs were more than 5ft tall and weighed over 200 pounds.

Wolfeboro Police Officer, Michael Straugh said that it was hard to find the right words to describe the condition they found these dogs in.

The owner of the residence and suspected puppy mill was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, while police, animal control officers and rescue staff freed dogs from cages. Nine more puppies were seized from property Fay owns in Bartlett. "We anticipate caring for them for several months", HSUS New Hampshire director Lindsay Hamrick said.

The dogs will now be thoroughly examined by a team of veterinarians and receive necessary care. The location was undisclosed because the dogs are evidence in the case against Fay.

Responders from the Barnstead Police Department, Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Conway Area Humane Society, Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord-Merrimack County, Stewart's Ambulance, Wolfeboro Fire Department, Wolfeboro Health Officer/Code Enforcement also assisted in the rescue. Many challenges involving mills, breeders, regulation and enforcement remain, and it often takes a substantial amount of time before there's any sort of meaningful intervention.

Police and animal welfare officials said the hardwood floors in the eight-bedroom, nine-bath home were slick with animal waste, making walking precarious for the dogs and the people trying to remove them.

"Really it's a win-win - we help dogs that wouldn't otherwise go up for adoption, and they help us provide medical and behavioral care to dogs in ME that need it most", she said.

They are the first wave of at-risk dogs coming to Bangor as the result of a collaboration with the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston, which successfully has been bringing dogs to ME for a few years, Southern Pines and the ASPCA, Coventry said. I love my dogs and I feed them.

The dogs were saved and taken to a temporary shelter, "where we will continue to work on healing their medical conditions and mending their spirits", the Humane Society said. However, Hamrick said HSUS is absorbing 100 percent of the cost to treat and care for these dogs.

Fay is scheduled to be arraigned in the Ossipee Circuit Court on August 3.

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