Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
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'Stranger Things' Action Figures Are Coming Because It Was Destined

'Stranger Things' Action Figures Are Coming Because It Was Destined

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, "Stranger Things" season 2 executive producer Shawn Levy admitted that the sophomore run of the show is indeed "darker" and "more ambitious" than its predecessor. We wondered about her in March, we mourned her in April, and even right after Season 1 we couldn't stop thinking about the awful injustices that could still befall her immortal soul. So people who found season one too scary for them, probably you're going to be more scared by season two.

For the sanctity of folks that insist that they'll get around to watching the Netflix phenomenon that is Stranger Things, we're including a nice friendly courtesy shield to protect you from harm/spoilers. Such programs are definitely part of some government conspiracy in Hawkins, and viewers will get to see more of that when the show returns on October 31.

"I'll give one example that I've been asked about a hundred times which is people still think Barb's alive", Levy said. "Because you think you want that but you wouldn't really want that".

"Stranger Things" season 2 will focus on Will Byers (Schnapp) as he adjusts to real life after spending quite some time in the Upside Down.

Being released this August, the 3.75"-scaled figures will come in two collections of three, each one bedecked in Stranger Things logos and old-school packaging that is about one step removed from a fuzzy old VHS-recorded TV advertisement from being right out of the '80s".

"Stranger Things" action figures are nearly here.

If you were holding out hope to see Barb in the next season of Stranger Things, I have some bad news.

I don't know about you, but the demogorgon is still terrifying in toy form! "So no, we are not going to cravenly service the wish list of fans".

Levy also mentioned that characters of the show will be facing more challenging situations.

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