Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
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Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

The Shelbyville couple were able to notify Bedford County authorities of the home invasion after working free from the binds. He called them violent repeat offenders and extremely unsafe, having taken the guards' 9 mm pistols. "We need help out here quick ... hurry!" "Both had, uh, handguns, high-powered handguns".

"We were all tied up, we just got loose", he says on the call.

"It's alright. You survived", the man tells his wife. You did it. You did a good job.

Eventually the pair crashed on I-24 and ditched the stolen SUV, running through the woods until they came across another house and allegedly tried to steal another vehicle.

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were caught Thursday in the rural community of Christiana, Tennessee, ending a multi-state manhunt that began Tuesday morning.

Earlier Thursday, officials said bluntly that they had no idea where the fugitives had gone.

"We'd still be looking for these two people", said Rutherford County Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh.

Those men were the two runaways, who left the home sometime after 5 the elderly couple's vehicle.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said on Twitter that they had been captured and the state's governor indicated that they had been detained in the neighbouring state of Tennessee.

The man and woman were threatened during the ordeal, Swing said. Shots were fired during this time, but no one was injured.

The prisoners breached a protective gate on the bus to reach the officers at the front of the bus, before disarming and killing them both, the sheriff's office said.

After a Rutherford County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Office unit spotted the couple's stolen vehicle on the road, authorities were called in and they pursued the suspects in a 10-mile chase with speeds reaching over 100 miles per hour, officials said.

Rowe and Dubose crashed the auto, bailed out and ran into the woods, a Tennessee Highway patrol spokesman said.

The two men that sparked a nationwide manhunt after allegedly murdering two Georgia corrections officers were in a Rutherford County Courtroom.

"I want a jury to convict them and sentence them to death..." He backed up as the inmates moved closer. But Hale said he wanted to set the record straight: "I had a weapon on me, but I never had to draw the weapon as has been in the news". But the homeowner stepped out and held the men at gunpoint, with the assistance of another neighbor, until police arrived. They surrendered to the homeowners, and police took them into custody. He said they then tried to hide the vehicle with bushes and grass. "I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers, that's what I saw", he said. Along with the high speeds, two Sheriff's Office's vehicles were shot at by the suspects.

Authorities have said Rowe and Dubose overpowered and disarmed the two guards as they were transporting 33 inmates between prisons.

At the time of the shooting, 31 other inmates were on board the bus, which was en route to a diagnostic facility when the escape took place. Rowe, 43, is serving a sentence for aggravated assault and Dubose, 24, for armed robbery, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The two men had been on the run since early Tuesday when they were accused of killing Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue.

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier also released a statement.

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