Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
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Wonder Woman Could Break Into The Top 10 Grossing Superhero Films

Wonder Woman Could Break Into The Top 10 Grossing Superhero Films

As Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot kicked butt and took names.

According to a report from Bustle, while Gal Gadot's salary has in fact been public knowledge for some time that does not mean it is not getting people talking.

However, the star of said good movie and a large part of what made at least one DC movie the opposite of awful sure didn't make a lot for her box office slam dunk. That very same article by ComicBook dubs Wonder Woman as "one of the most recognizable superheroines of all-time". With Gal Gadot playing the titular character one might think that the actress would have a contract that saw her pulling in a hefty salary.

$300,000 Dollars is the money she got for both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as for the Justice League movie.

In its third weekend of release, Wonder Woman has crossed the $500 Million mark.

Conversely, Marvel powerhouse Chris Evans signed onto the first Captain America movie for only $US300,000.

Gadot's salary also pales in comparison to some of the pay cheques dished out on the sets of other superhero films in recent years.

Reportedly, Henry Cavill drew a paycheck of $14 million for his role as Clark Kent/ Superman in the 2013 movie Man of Steel. She signed this deal back in 2014 so her salary could increase if she decides to do more movies in the future.

However, as per The Daily Dot, Gal Gadot earned just about $300,000, which in India's terms, is less than 2 crores. Fans had to wonder about the reasons for this, as Gadot and Cavill's difference in popularity is not too far wide apart (and Gadot's previous exposure thanks to the "Fast and Furious" franchise helped a lot, too).

It wouldn't be unusual, either, for Gadot to be paid more given Wonder Woman's vast popularity.

Some users, though, have hope that Gadot's contract may have already prepared for the film's massive success.

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