Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
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Cosby juror opens up about what really happened during deliberations

Cosby juror opens up about what really happened during deliberations

In an interview with ABC News, the unidentified juror (who agreed to speak out on the condition of anonymity) claimed that 10 of the jurors believed Cosby was guilty on two of the three counts with which he was charged (a charge of digitally penetrating Andrea Constand while she was unconscious, and a charge that the assault occurred after Cosby gave her drugs without her knowledge), while only one believed the comedian was guilty of a third charge, that Constand was unconscious or unaware during the incident.

The juror told The Associated Press that the panel was nearly evenly split in its deliberations, with a similar number of jurors wanting to convict the 79-year-old entertainer as acquit him on charges he drugged and molested a woman at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004.

The juror who spoke to ABC said tensions were high as deliberations wore on in a cramped back room at a century-old courthouse outside Philadelphia.

O'Neill has said he fears the release of the jurors' names would have a chilling effect on the selection of jurors needed for Cosby's retrial if the first jury discusses its deliberations with the news media. One frustrated juror allegedly punched a wall. After 52 hours, they couldn't reach a verdict on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Bill Cosby.

This juror wouldn't say which way he voted, but he openly questioned the allegations made by accuser Andrea Constand.

A second juror, speaking to the Associated Press today, says the panel was nearly evenly split in its deliberations. O'Neill plans to hold the retrial within four months.

An alternate juror, who sat through all the testimony but was not involved in any of the deliberations, previously told NBC News that he would have voted to convict Cosby.

Constand met Cosby at Temple University, where she was director of operations for the women's basketball team and he was on the board of trustees.

The defense has maintained Cosby's innocence and said it will continue to fight the charges. Prosecutors used Cosby's deposition as evidence at the criminal trial. "They had five sheriff's deputies at the door and they could hear us and they kept coming in because they thought we were already fighting", the juror said.

According to the juror who spoke to ABC, the majority of jurors wanted to convict Cosby of counts alleging he lacked consent when he penetrated Constand's genitals with his fingers and that he gave her an intoxicant that substantially impaired her and stopped her from resisting. "People couldn't even pace", said the juror.

The juror characterized the deliberations as tense.

Judge Steven O'Neill said he would rule by Wednesday.

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