Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Day Two in the Search for Victims Buried in China Landslide

Day Two in the Search for Victims Buried in China Landslide

Fifteen people had been taken off the list of missing people after the landslide in Sichuan early Saturday, leaving 93 still missing.

MAO COUNTY, China - Rescuers recovered 10 bodies and were still searching for 93 missing people Sunday, a day after a huge landslide buried a picturesque mountain village in southwestern China.

Meanwhile nearly 100 people remain missing after the huge landslide buried homes in Xinmo and hopes of finding survivors are fading.

Wang Yong, a member of China's State Council, or cabinet, dispatched to the disaster site, urged an all-out search-and-rescue effort and measures to prevent further disasters by monitoring geological activity, Xinhua reported.

He also pledged timely and accurate information release.

As heavy machines removed debris and men scoured the rubble for survivors yesterday, relatives from nearby villages sobbed as they awaited news of their loved ones.

All 142 tourists who entered the site on Friday have reached to safety, said Xu.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that by midday only three people had been pulled from the rubble - a couple and their two-month-old baby. "We realized it was a landslide".

According to Reuters, industrial excavators cleared rubble at the scene, while workers searched for survivors.

At least 118 people remain missing, according to the local government - the Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Aba.

Another three-year-old child of the family remains buried.

"I arrived at the site at 7.30 am and found that the whole area was buried by the landslide", said He Dajun, a worker with Maoxian County Power Company.

Heavy rain caused an estimated 18 million cubic metres of earth to fall 1,600 metres from a high point on the mountain and engulf half of Xinmo on the valley floor below.

"We pulled out two people but they were already dead", said a local resident.

In the only story of survival, Qiao Dashi, whose wife and baby also escaped, said he had woken up after 5am to change his crying son's diaper when the house shook.

Experts say the mountains flanking the village of more than 100 residents are structurally damaged and prone to landslides after two major earthquakes, including a magnitude 7.9 quake that killed almost 90,000 people in 2008 in Wenchuan, 25 miles (40km) away.

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