Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Modi Commends Sushma Swaraj in US Speech, Says She Helps 'Indians Anywhere'

Modi Commends Sushma Swaraj in US Speech, Says She Helps 'Indians Anywhere'

They prepared well, read astutely the signals from the White House, especially issues and emotions that move and motivate Trump, and set the right frame for the meeting by making big-ticket business moves with the United States that Trump could brag as job generating. These tightening of restrictions have hit the Indian IT industry hard, and Modi will be expected to raise this issue when he has the one-on-one with the unpredictable Trump.

Meanwhile, Modi was given an extensive tour of the White House by Trump himself where he was also led into the Lincoln bedroom and further shown a copy of President Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address and the desk on which he wrote it.

"Working together, I truly believe our two countries can set an example for many other nations, make great strides in defeating common threats, and make great progress in unleashing incredible prosperity and growth", Trump said. "I guess it's worked well in both cases", he said.

"All that President Trump has appreciated is the order placed by a private Indian aviation company to buy 100 airplanes from the United States which only helps in creating", he said. The American president has approximately 32.8 million Twitter followers, while Modi - who also makes prolific use of the platform - has approximately 31 million followers.

When he welcomed British Prime Minister Theresa May to the White House in late January, Trump ignited a tabloid frenzy in Great Britain when the two leaders held hands as they walked along the White House colonnade.

The president says trade between the two global powers must be "fair and reciprocal" and he is hoping barriers will be removed to the exports of USA goods to Indian markets. The United States has become the leading supplier of defence equipment to India, signing contracts worth more than $15 billion since 2008. The State Department on Monday approved the $365 million sale of a C-17 military transport aircraft to India. Modi pulled in Trump for a bear hug on the stage as the cameras rolled in the Rose Garden.

Trump struck upon the topic of purchase of military equipment, in reference to the recent F16 joint production deal.

Still, analysts believe that India sees natural gas and renewable fuel such as wind and solar power as central to its long-term energy future, and that Mr. Modi and other leaders view a greener energy sector as both beneficial to the planet and to its own economic growth.

As global nonproliferation partners, the United States expressed strong support for India's early membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Wassenaar Arrangement, and the Australia Group. How much up we go depends on the leaders. "I have a feeling".

Melania Trump stood side by side with President Donald Trump as they awaited the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the White House today. He stressed the importance of "doing away" with terrorist sanctuaries and safe havens, apparently reflecting Indian concerns about militants based in Pakistan, India's historical archrival.

While the Trump administration hopes to "deepen" its relationship with India, the official added that they are "also interested in continuing our cooperation with Pakistan" and are "concerned about tensions between Indian and Pakistan".

In the thicket of diplomacy, Modi must also to try to grasp an unpredictable USA president who derides China as a "currency manipulator" one day, but later calls President Xi "a great guy".

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