Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
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Dashcam video of Philando Castile shooting released

Dashcam video of Philando Castile shooting released

The Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile told state investigators that he believed his life was danger because he smelled marijuana in his auto, according to transcripts released on Tuesday along with dash-camera footage.

But the video, played for the jury during Mr Yanez's trial, did not show what was happening inside the auto and what Mr Castile was reaching for just before he was shot. "Don't reach for it then", Yanez says, while Castile assures him he isn't trying to.

At the trial, Yanez claimed he feared for his life, as he believed Castile was reaching for the gun.

"OK, don't reach for it, then", Yanez responded. The dashcam video shows how quickly a simple traffic stop spiraled into a deadly incident.

The back door of the auto then opens and Reynolds' small daughter rushes from the vehicle and into the arms of another police officer.

The shooting gained widespread attention because Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook.

In radio chatter Yanez was also reportedly heard saying, "Driver looks more like one of our suspects just cause of the wide set nose".

The recently released video was played in the courtroom several times for jurors before they made their verdict.

Yanez was sacked from the police force after the acquittal. Yanez again yelled: "Don't pull it out!".

As Castile finished speaking, Yanez could then be seen with his hand on his own gun and shouting "Don't pull it out!" before firing seven shots into the vehicle.

"I'm not pulling it out", Castile says. At that moment, Yanez can be seen starting to pull his weapon from his holster with his right hand. Joseph Kauser, an officer who arrived to provide backup, stood on the right side of Castile's vehicle with his thumbs hooked in a casual position on the inner armpit area of his bullet resistant vest.

Less than 30 seconds after Yanez fired the shots, the dashcam video shows a young girl - Reynolds' daughter - slowly get out of the back seat of the vehicle before being grabbed by another officer.

The squad-car video was shown in court but not released publicly until Tuesday.

'My son loved this city, and this city killed my son, ' Castile's mother, Valerie, said as she stood on a corner outside the courthouse afterward. Yanez continues, saying "I don't know where the gun was".

"It was just getting hanky, he was staring straight ahead, I was getting fucking nervous", he said. I'm going to take your spot. The officer orders Castile not to reach for it and not to pull it out to which Castile replies: "I'm not pulling it out".

A jury on Friday cleared Yanez of all three charges he faced, including manslaughter.

The acquittal led to renewed protests in Minnesota, with 18 people arrested Saturday after blocking a major highway near the courthouse in the capital city of St Paul.

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