Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Ex-Milwaukee Cop Acquitted of Homicide Faces Civil Suit

Ex-Milwaukee Cop Acquitted of Homicide Faces Civil Suit

The men ran and the officers gave chase, and Heaggan-Brown shot and killed Smith.

Following the not guilty verdict delivered Wednesday, the DOJ released video captured at the scene of the shooting and a written interview, and Heaggan-Brown told investigators he nearly didn't pull his gun that afternoon.

The two shots by Heaggan-Brown came in quick succession, striking Smith once in his right arm and then the fatal shot to the chest.

Deliberations resume Wednesday and jurors have to decide whether Dominique Heaggan-Brown acted in self-defense when he killed Sylville Smith or if the former officer is guilty of first-degree reckless homicide or two lesser charges.

After Smith's death, demonstrators assembled near the site of the shooting in Sherman Park.

Heaggan-Brown and another officer started CPR on Smith.

The defense called just one witness, an expert on police procedures and use of force.

FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office shows Sylville Smith.

"They are trained to kill and not to protect and serve us". Smith had thrown his gun over a fence when he was shot a second time. The prosecution argued that Smith was surrendering.

"Obviously, everyone recognizes there was a loss of life, and I don't think any officer would want to be put in that situation and to have to make those decisions that he did, but those decisions were made, and I think the jury properly evaluated them", Smith said. In other words, this was a split second decision - one made in less than 1,69 seconds because the decision was made before the trigger was pulled the second time.

Five days before the former Milwaukee officer was found not guilty, a Minnesota police officer was also acquitted in another high-profile shooting that sparked intense protests. And Chisholm said the officer should have known that Smith was no longer a threat.

Before he was charged in Smith's death, Heaggan-Brown was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting someone during the intense protests prompted by the shooting.

Heaggan-Brown and another officer spotted a man with a gun.

Ninety seconds passed before the officer chose to help Smith but he quickly stopped when some blood got on his thumb, which he then wiped on Smith's shirt, according to the lawsuit. It was later determined that Heaggan-Brown's first shot struck Smith in his right bicep area with the bullet passing through Smith's bicep and lodging in a window casement to the east of the shooting.

According to the complaint, when Heaggan-Brown parked he immediately hopped out of his vehicle with the intent to arrest Smith and his friend, despite lacking probable cause.

Last week, jurors saw body camera footage that showed the incident.

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