Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Expect more Super NES Classic units than with NES Mini

Expect more Super NES Classic units than with NES Mini

If you need a reminder of what these ports look like, they're the same as those used for the Nunchuk / Classic Controllers on the Wii Remote, and you can see how they looked on the NES Mini below (though they'll have been rotated 90 degrees on the SNES Mini).

Nintendo revealed that the Super NES Classic Edition will be available starting on September 29, 2017, for only $79.99.

"The SNES is shorthand for Super Nintendo, which was Nintendo's console in the early 90s", senior editor Peter Brown told CBS. Japan, Australia and Europe ("PAL region") got a more streamlined design, while the US SNES features a less refined case design.

Similar to the highly praised and highly sought-after NES Classic Edition, the new SNES Classic is basically a smaller version of the original 1991 console that emulates some of the system's most iconic games.

The Japanese company is reviving the retro console, after a long 26 years.

This time round though, there will be several cosmetic differences to the console, depending on where you buy it from.

Much like how they've said that the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition was due to their lack of "unlimited resources", Nintendo is once again singing the same tune.

However, the Japanese version of the gaming console, known as Super Famicom, will only be available from October 5.

As if this announcement hasn't caused a frenzy enough, Nintendo dropped another bombshell along with their new mini console - it will only be in production until the end of the year. The console, which was priced at $60 (or approx Rs. 3867), sold out instantly at almost every major retailer where it was made available, especially in the US.

As well as the classic titles, Nintendo will also bundle in a game from the SNES era that was never actually released - Star Fox 2. However, the company discontinued the console in April of this year, just months after its release.

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