Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Montreal man back in court in Flint airport stabbing

Montreal man back in court in Flint airport stabbing

Seriously injured, the police officer Jeff Neville has received since his discharge from hospital.

Amor Ftouhi, 49, of Quebec, Canada, was charged in federal court with violence at an global airport for stabbing officer Jeff Neville at the Bishop worldwide Airport in Flint on June 21. Ftouhi remains in federal custody on a charge of violence at an global airport and is due to return to court in Flint this week.

Ftouhi's attorney, Joan Morgan, said her client was not seeking bond because of an immigration hold that would bar Ftouhi from leaving jail.

This Wednesday morning, stabbing suspect Amor Ftouhi was back in a federal courtroom. She told a federal judge Wednesday that the 49-year-old defendant from Montreal would be held by US immigration authorities even if granted bond in the criminal case. His face was partially covered by a mask he was wearing for "unspecified medical reasons", federal court spokesman David Ashenfelter said.

Before the court moved to recess, Morgan made clear to the judge that Ftouhi - who appeared in court Wednesday with an Arabic translator - could understand English well, but needed either a French or Arabic interpreter for "help with legal terms". The FBI said it was investigating the attack as a possible act of terrorism.

After stabbing the officer in the neck, Ftouhi continued to yell, "Allah", several times, the complaint said.

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