Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

Planned Parenthood Supporters Bring Chilling 'Handmaid' Protests to the US Capitol

Planned Parenthood Supporters Bring Chilling 'Handmaid' Protests to the US Capitol

On Tuesday, about 30 women stormed Washington D.C. dressed in long red robes and white headpieces to protest the Senate's GOP health care bill.

Fern Whyland, communications director at Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts, said the Republican Obamacare replacement bill would "devastate" women.

On Tuesday, the handmaids also protested in Ohio, where the House passed a bill banning a common procedure used in most second trimester abortions, now landing the legislation for a vote in the Ohio Senate.

Similar protests have been staged in other major cities around the U.S. where activists have also worn the uniform.

The bill would also allow insurance companies to opt out of covering birth control and maternity care, as well as defund Planned Parenthood.

Similar protests have been staged at Ohio, Texas and NY state capitols. The story is set in a society where women are objectified and used for a goal.

"The Republic of Gilead is built on a foundation of the 17th-century Puritan roots that have always lain beneath the modern-day America we thought we knew", Atwood wrote in an article for The New York Times describing the novel's relevance in the age of President Donald Trump. Women here are treated as nothing more than wives, servants, or breeders, referred to as "handmaids"; with Offred being one of these women denigrated and exploited for her fertility in ongoing efforts to repopulate the country, though she still fights for her freedom and for the husband and child snatched away from her.

Critics of the Senate health care bill have slammed it as an assault on women's health, and there is plenty to back that criticism. "Make Margaret Atwood fiction again" one sign read.

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