Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
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Kid Rock's 'Senate Run' Could Be a Marketing Stunt for a Restaurant

Kid Rock's 'Senate Run' Could Be a Marketing Stunt for a Restaurant

Reports suggest that Kid Rock could be opening a new restaurant at Little Caesars Arena -which the arena won't confirm or deny. That is unless it's all a publicity stunt.

But the Born Free hitmaker dismissed claims his new-found political career is just a promotional stunt, penning a lengthy post on his website entitled "Once Again the Press Is Wrong", in which he addressed the allegations. So far this year, the rapper has yet to announce any new records. "Second, I'm not signed to Warner Bros! - which simple fact-checking would have revealed", the musician, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, fumed on Facebook on Thursday. (The single's cover art is a shot from one of Rock's Comerica Park concerts.) The end of the video teases Rock's "Greatest Show on Earth" tour "coming soon to a city near you" in 2018.

While Kid Rock's hard living rock-and-roll lifestyle, which includes a sex tape and assault charges, would traditionally be considered a liability for a political candidate, the success of President Trump's campaign previous year may encourage more unconventional candidates to run for office.

And seeing how well that combination worked out for the current president, a Senate win for Kid Rock would likely only accelerate the blurring of politics and entertainment.

Rock says he wants to be a voice for tax-paying, hardworking Americans and letting politicians know "We the People are sick and tired" of business as usual in Washington. Like politicians write books during their campaigns, I'm planning on putting out music during mine and IT ALL STARTS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. But it looks like he really is probably going on tour at some point, because Rock released an additional video, this time for his song "Po-Dunk".

Following Wednesday's post, hinting at a major announcement and confirmation of a campaign website - Kid Rock saying this was no hoax, "but marketing 101".

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is warning Democrats to take singer Kid Rock's potential Senate bid seriously.

We'll know if Kid Rock officially files within the next couple weeks, because this is a story we will follow all summer long. In a tweet, Stabenow, who plays guitar, gently poked fun at Kid Rock's statements and vowed to "keep doing what I do best: fighting for MI".

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