Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Facebook's New Camera Feature Lets You Create Your Own GIFs

Facebook's New Camera Feature Lets You Create Your Own GIFs

In case you're not seeing the GIF option in the camera app, either patiently wait for it to hit your device or. don't - we were better off without it either way. It works well enough, and you can add a bunch of different frames, and filters (including some cool Prisma-esque style transfer effects).

The new feature comes a month after Facebook finally rolled out a GIF button for comments on the social network, in celebration of the GIF's 30th birthday.

The feature, however, is not yet available to all users.

Facebook is testing a built-in GIF creator in its iOS app with some users. If you do have access to it, you'll find it to the right after opening the standard camera feature.

Users can put the GIFs on Facebook Stories or on their timeline. The trade-off, however, is that the imagery created is meant to be shared only on Facebook; the GIFs can be saved to storage, but only as a video, making them harder to post on other services.

If you thought Facebook was running out of ways to help you bombard your friends' news feeds, think again.

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