Published: Sat, July 15, 2017
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Sudan freezes sanction talks with U.S. for three months

Sudan freezes sanction talks with U.S. for three months

President Trump was widely expected to lift several of the sanctions this week, however, in light of the three-month delay, the Administration will continue to assess whether Sudan has made any progress on counterterrorism and human rights.

Sudan has condemned Washington for delaying the issue of lifting sanctions for three more months.

In the meantime, the temporary sanctions relief granted under the general license issued by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, which became effective on 17 January 2017 remains in place. However, she added the administration needed more time to review the situation and determine whether it was appropriate to lift the sanctions.

The committee has been negotiating for more than a year with USA officials on lifting the American trade embargo in force against Khartoum since 1997.

The deal includes cooperation with the US on addressing regional conflicts, terrorism threats, termination of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan and improving humanitarian access throughout Sudan.

Sudan said on Tuesday that it complied with all United States demands for lifting the sanctions imposed since 1997 for its alleged support of terrorism.

Rights advocates and opposition groups have said lifting the sanctions would strengthen President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide charges linked to the Darfur conflict, and do much to bring his government back into the international despite its past abuses.

"We regret the issuing of this decision, which came after a long period of dialogue and interaction with the U.S.", Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said on Wednesday after the decision on lifting sanctions was postponed.

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