Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

United States man trapped in ATM dispenses 'help me' notes

United States man trapped in ATM dispenses 'help me' notes

He passed notes to customers who drove up to the ATM. Then the machine starting talking. The contractor, whose name and company were not released, had left behind his phone and a device needed to open the door from the inside. But, if the machine starts feeding you notes asking for help, please get help. According to a police officer, he was a contractor who was appointed to work on the machine when he accidentally locked himself inside.

Actually, the man was inside a little room that connects with the ATM.

"The poor guy was just mortified", Pena said. The ATM, though, was operational.

Since the area housing the ATM had thick walls and his voice did not carry well outside, he wrote polite notes.

Texas Man Gets Stuck Inside ATM, Slips 'Help Me' Notes Through Receipt Slot to Grab Attention

It sounds like a good idea and the notes were pretty straightforward reading, "Please Help. I'm stuck in here" before imploring people to call his boss. "Please call my boss" - with a phone number included. Police arrived at the 400 block of North Mesquite Street at around 2 pm after people saw the notes coming out of the machine.

Police freed the man, but since there was no crime committed, details and records are slim, Lt Hooper said.

The officers verified the man's employment with his superior, Lt Hooper said.

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