Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Apple announce release of new emojis on World Emoji Day

Apple announce release of new emojis on World Emoji Day

Today is World Emoji Day, and Apple is celebrating by teasing some of the upcoming emoji characters that it'll release later this year.

According to Apple, the new emoji set will include a woman wearing a headscarf, a person with a beard, and a breastfeeding mother. There's even emoji for Vampire, Merperson, Elf, Genie, and Zombie.

"The most popular emojis with users are always the smileys and gestures", Burge said, speaking from a auto on the way to the Empire State Building, which will be lit up yellow to celebrate the day.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17, which happens to be the default date shown on Apple's iCal icon.

While this is a more inclusive move, it isn't the first emoji showing off aspects of womanhood or women's empowerment.

And, new animals have made it to the list as well, including a zebra and T-rex.

Apple says that the emoji will be coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later in the year. Manufacturers create their own designs for emoji, Unicode only decides what the new emoji characters are going to be.

Some of the new emoji from Apple. These include the conversation-dominating Broccoli, Cup with Straw, and Curling Stone emoji. If you go to the iTunes Store, you'll find featured movie titles displayed using emoji.

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