Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Game of Thrones at Raisina Hill: Voting begins for Presidential elections

Game of Thrones at Raisina Hill: Voting begins for Presidential elections

Special security arrangements have been made in wake of the much-awaited and much-debated polls.

Leader of Opposition and YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy led his party MLAs in the polling process. Former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is not eligible to vote as he is the member of the legislative council.

The people of the Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic India do not elect its own president directly.

Members of Parliament and legislators who will vote to elect the next President on Monday have been barred from carrying their personal pens inside the voting chamber and will have to mark their ballot with a specially-designed marker, the Election Commission (EC) said on Sunday. For marking the votes, the Election Commission is providing special pens to the electors in the polling booth along with the ballot paper.

Apart from the state MLAs, an MLA from Kerala also voted in Chennai. All MPs have a fixed vote value of 708, decided based on a complex formula. Lok Sabha Secretary General has been appointed returning officer for the poll.

As many as 233 elected members of the Rajya Sabha, 543 members from the Lok Sabha and 4,120 MLAs from the state Assemblies comprise the electors. Ballot papers are of two colours-green for MPs and pink for MLAs. The total value of the votes of 403 UP MLAs is 83,824. There is no provision for the political parties to issue whip to their MLAs in the presidential poll.

The BJP has the most MPs in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and rules the most states. In total, the voting will take place at 32 different polling stations across the nation. The latter account for 10 percent of the votes.

Download the News Nation Mobile App and stay connected with top stories from India and around the world. Considering the scenario, the NDA candidate has the advantage from the opposition's joint candidate, however neither the NDA nor the UPA enjoys simple majority at its own. And former Bihar Governor Ran Nath Kovind also. She is the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha (2009 to 2014) and also five time Member of Parliament.

Ruling NDA's Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind has clear edge in terms of numbers. He joined BJP in the year 1991 and served as National Spokesperson of BJP.

Nominated members of the Rajya Sabha are not permitted to vote.

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