Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Reebok Clapped Back At Trump With This Simple Flowchart

Reebok Clapped Back At Trump With This Simple Flowchart

The remarks in Paris during a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron came even though Trump's own Federal Bureau of Investigation pick has said the authorities should be alerted to requests for such meetings during a campaign and even after Donald Trump Jr. said he would rethink his own conduct in agreeing to the gathering in the first place.

Trump took a question from Cecilia Vega, who asked whether Federal Bureau of Investigation director nominee Christopher Wray was "wrong" to say that Donald Trump Jr.

"Donald Trump listened to me, he understood the meaning of my approach, including the link between global warming and terrorism".

Trump may be taking note of people's stances on the 2015 agreement signed by about 190 countries in 2015 aimed at taking concrete steps to fight climate change.

"(Trump) told me that he would try to find a solution in the coming months", Macron told the paper, referring to meetings the two leaders had this week in Paris.

"Something could happen with respect to the Paris accor, " he said.

"We must work with the government of Iraq to consolidate the gains and ensure the victory stays a victory, unlike last time", he said during the joint news conference.

Complete with a stunning flower arrangement that ran along the length of the table, we don't see what could've been better than this evening in Paris? "If it doesn't that's ok, too". He called the deal "unfair", but has not yet revealed what a "fair" agreement would look like.

The decision followed a lengthy internal tussle within the White House between proponents of Trump's protectionist, "America First" policies and those who wanted him to work with worldwide allies to address climate risks.

In May, Elon Musk, the charming Tony Stark-like co-founder of Tesla and SolarCity, similarly sounded a hopeful note about the prospect of USA commitment to the Paris agreement after speaking with Trump.

If the reporting is right, then, there were essentially two camps in the White House dueling over this issue.

The flowchart for when is it appropriate to say "You're in such good shape".

"On climate, we know what our differences are", Macron said.

BEARDSLEY: There were very few protests against Trump's visit, though a couple hundred people did get together in the center of Paris to denounce the American president. "Hopefully there is a positive change of mind".

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