Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Skydiver sends horrifying video message to his wife before final jump

Skydiver sends horrifying video message to his wife before final jump

Capotorto's wife rushed to the Skydive DeLand building in DeLand, Florid, a to try stop him from flying, telling Tara Richards, an employee, about the video, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Richards frantically radioed the plane, only to be told that 27 year old husband had already jumped.

Zittellini raced into the hanger in an attempt to stop her husband but the plane had already taken off.

A skydiver in Florida sent his wife a video on Tuesday saying he was "not going to pull the cord" moments before jumping to his death, police said.

Richards told police she had seen Vitantonio before the flight and "he had seemed normal".

A man who received the phone for Skydive DeLand declined to give any details about Vitantonio deaths, but offered the following statement: "We express our deepest sympathy for his family and his friends".

A chaplain was called to the scene to let Costansa know that Capotorto had died. All level of skydiver from beginners signing up for a first tandem jump to experienced groups of skydivers who want to jump out of multiple planes.

It was the fifth reported fatality since May 2013 at Skydive DeLand, which is considered one of the busiest jump spots in the nation. The general manager of the center told Daytona Beach News-Journal Litellini arrived "moments too late".

Vitantonio and his wife lived in DeLand.

Vitanonio, an Italian national, and his wife worked for United Parachute Technologies, a parachute maker, in DeLand.

The United States Parachute Association recorded 3.2 million parachute jumps previous year, 16 of which were fatal.

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