Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Accidental leak may have revealed 2018 Nissan Leaf specs early

Accidental leak may have revealed 2018 Nissan Leaf specs early

The most expensive model will be the Leaf SL, from $36,200.

The yet-to-be-revealed all-electric hatchback was clicked at Nissan's Oppama factory in Japan where its productions will be handled.

Pictures of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf have been leaked onto the internet less than a month before it is due to be revealed.

There's little doubt as to the authenticity of the images, because the cars pictured do appear very similar to those officially previewed by Nissan and spotted by our spy photographers. They show a more angular nose, sharper headlights and a sleeker body shape.

Despite the fact the images look like they were shot with the first camera phone ever launched, it's easy to see the second-generation Leaf will look substantially different than its predecessor. The cheapest 2018 Leaf S will apparently be $29,990, according to the document, and there'll be a Leaf SV from $32,490.

Since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled past year, EV aficionados have already begun comparing it to one of the most well-rounded electric cars in the market - the Chevy Bolt. As recently stated by Elon Musk, the base variant of the Model 3 would be fitted with a 50kWh battery, which translates to around 220 miles of range. According to the recently released leaks, the 2018 Nissan Leaf's base model, the Leaf S, would be equipped with a 40kWh battery, which would likely give the auto a range of about 150-160 miles in between charges.

The 2018 Leaf's projected 40 kWh battery capacity is a step up from the current model's 30 kWh unit, but it's still smaller than those of the Bolt or the Model 3. Using sonars and cameras, the vehicle will be able to park itself in parallel, angled, front or straight back-in parking spots, handling throttle, braking and steering input. The new Leaf is expected to have a 200-300 mile range and Nissan's most advanced semi-autonomous system to date.

Although unconfirmed by Nissan, the information backs suggestions that the new vehicle will have substantially more range.

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