Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
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Pair busted by Southwest flier planned to drug, rape kids

Pair busted by Southwest flier planned to drug, rape kids

The man who was allegedly caught texting about molesting children on a Southwest Airlines flight last week had made multiple sordid and graphic plans with the woman he was messaging, who admitted to sexually abusing and secretly recording two children, according to a federal complaint unsealed Monday. She was also "arranging a time for Kellar to have a sexual encounter" with the victims, FBI Special Agent Kyle McNeal said in the complaint. "Her preference was prepubescent children".

The woman behind Kellar became alarmed as she could see the couple describe sexually abusing two children in Burnworth's care. It is unclear if the kids are hers or are the children of her ex-husband and his new wife, and if they were the kids that Kellar and Burnworth targeted.

The passenger, a preschool teacher on holiday, alerted a flight crew member to the messages and the flight crew alerted police. She also agreed to let Kellar rape the boy and the girl. Court documents indicate that Kellar was taking a work-related trip, but allegedly began texting with Burnworth about meeting children who lived with her that he wanted to sexually assault.

On Monday, the U.S. Attorney's Office charged Kellar and Burnworth with attempted enticement of a minor and conspiracy to produce child pornography.

Kellar, 54, and Burnsworth, 50, were arrested July 31 after a passenger aboard a Bay Area-bound flight out of Sea-Tac Airport told police she saw a disturbing text exchange on the phone of another passenger, who turned out to be Kellar. Burnworth promised to start filming once the children's mother left, and confirmed that she had the Benadryl.

Authorities credit a Seattle pre-school teacher who sat behind Kellar on the plane.

She said that she noticed Kellar "obsessively" poring over texts, then saw - in an unusually large text font - the sentence that chilled her to the core: 'Child in their underwear'.

Two children are saved because of an early childhood educator's heroic act. "She was emotional. She said "I just knew something was wrong" and she felt it in her heart".

Burnworth answered, "No I think I can do it if I don't have parents over my shoulder or anxious who's going to walk in on me".

"I felt that she needed to be told in person she is our hero", he told the Times.

The police were then able to use evidence from the 56-year-old's phone to track down the home of the woman he was texting with.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Southwest said it was "working with local authorities as part of the investigation".

Kellar and Burnworth are in jail Wednesday, and it's was not known if they have lawyers to speak on their behalf.

Kellar is in custody in Northern California, awaiting extradition to Washington. I'm just so thankful the kids are safe'.

The teacher, who told the Mercury News she wants to remain anonymous, says she doesn't see herself as a hero, just someone who trusted her instincts and spoke out. 'She said, "Hold on", and told me I was going to talk with somebody'.

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