Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

Japanese Fighters Conducted Air Drills With US B-1B Bombers on Tuesday

Japanese Fighters Conducted Air Drills With US B-1B Bombers on Tuesday

The people of Guam woke up Thursday to another pointed threat from Pyongyang, which vowed to complete a plan to attack waters near the island by mid-August - adding a timeline to a threat from a day earlier that North Korea would create an "enveloping fire" around Guam. The American military presence on Guam consists of two bases - Andersen Air Force Base in the north and Naval Base Guam in the south - which are home to 7,000 USA troops.

Guam is about 2,400 kilometres south of Tokyo. The statement said the move is in response to a recent US ICBM test.

Guam's Homeland Security Adviser George Charfauros says officials there are confident "the U.S. Department of Defense is monitoring this situation very closely and is maintaining a condition of readiness".

Bus driver Cecil Chugrad said he was a little panicked because he was anxious about his son.

Guam's Department of Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense say they are monitoring North Korea with US military and government officials.

North Korea says it has mastered a crucial technology needed to strike the USA with a nuclear missile. If the communist regime goes through with that plan, it would be the country's most threatening missile launch to date.

The exchange of threats has alarmed the tiny island, which is home to about 160,000 people, about 40 percent of whom are Filipinos, according to Norman Analista, president of the Filipino Community of Guam.

There were several layers layers of defence strategically placed to protect the U.S. territory, he said.

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