Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Billy Big Rigger! 'Platooning' Self-Driving E-Trucks Next on Tesla's List

Billy Big Rigger! 'Platooning' Self-Driving E-Trucks Next on Tesla's List

An email between the automaker and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has revealed that Tesla's long-awaited semi-truck will be able to move in "platoons" where multiple trucks can follow a lead vehicle.

Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk never stops when it comes to innovation, and now his company, Tesla, is developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that will be self-driving.

Tesla has plans to officially reveal the eagerly-awaited electric semi truck in September this year. But details about the vehicle's driving system have not been reported. Now, reports indicate that truck also will have autonomous capabilities. Tesla has been a leader in developing self-driving technology for its luxury cars, including the lower-priced Model 3, which it is beginning to manufacture. They've crafted a plan for world domination that includes electric cars, self-driving technology, solar power, and energy storage, among other things-and they're not done yet.

It also offers most of the trucks decreased wind resistance, which could help increase an EV semi's range-a major concern given the weight freight companies load semis with. Ars has reached out to Tesla for comment and we'll update if we receive a response.

Tesla's truck program is being led by VP of Trucks and Programs Jerome Guillen who has a long history in the long-haul trucking industry, having previously worked at Diamler and was General Manager of New Product Development at Freightliner Trucks.

In Nevada, manufacturers, software developers and parties interested in testing their vehicles in the state must submit an application to the DMV along with proof that one or more of the autonomous vehicles have been driven for a combined minimum of at least 10,000 miles, a complete description of autonomous technology, a detailed safety plan, and a plan for hiring and training test drivers. As Reuters report, Tesla might just test the first of prototypes soon on the roads of Nevada.

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