Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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Dark Arisen coming to PS4 and Xbox One this October — Dragon's Dogma

Dark Arisen coming to PS4 and Xbox One this October — Dragon's Dogma

Now it's coming to the PS4 and Xbox One with a nice visual sprucing to boot. Sales of Dragon's Dogma reached over a million copies by June 2012, a mere month after release.

Check out the trailer below for an action-packed welcoming back into the world of Gransys.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is launching on PS4 and Xbox One on October 3rd.

You will be able to choose from nine different classes and share the long journey with three comrades guided by artificial intelligence. Dragon's Dogma received praise for the game's day and night cycle, which affects the game's difficulty, sending players running for cover as darkness falls. These allies fight independently, develop alongside your character, and can be shared or borrowed online in exchange for treasure, tips and more.

Dark Arisen included a new zone, all the DLC content from the original game, as well as a new fast travel system, new items, weapons, armor, and quests. The latest version was finally made available for PC in 2016. There has been very little word of whether it might actually be officially brought to greater markets.

Capcom has provided a release date for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Dark Arisen, and they're set to arrive on October 3.

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