Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Ex-Fox News host O'Reilly debuts 'No Spin News' webcast

Ex-Fox News host O'Reilly debuts 'No Spin News' webcast

O'Reilly, once a conservative powerhouse at Fox News, was sacked in April after The New York Times reported he sexually harassed at least seven women at the network.

Ever since he departed from Fox News, O'Reilly has divided his time between producing his No Spin News daily podcast and sharing photos of Holly, his Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly launched a 30-minute online newscast on Wednesday night that was exclusive to premium members of his website at first, but segments have since been released for free and automatically downloaded to the device of anyone who subscribed to O'Reilly's podcast. "He requested input from viewers for what he characterized as a 'sneak preview'".

He said it would be made available to a non-paying audience on Thursday. "He's just saying that if Kim Jong Un attacks the U.S. or Guam, we'll incinerate his entire country", he said on the show.

The goal of the on-camera show, O'Reilly said, is to " bring everybody into the annual Premium Membership fold and spread the word".

It also featured appearances by Sirius XM Radio host Michael Smerconish and syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette.

"Among other topics, O'Reilly discussed President Trump's "'fire and fury' comments about North Korea and a movement that calls for California to secede from the union", the AP notes.

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