Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

LawBreakers Is Suffering From Hitches and Stuttering on PlayStation 4

LawBreakers Is Suffering From Hitches and Stuttering on PlayStation 4

[Original Story] Today marks the launch of BossKey Games' (Cliff Bleszinski's new game studio) first game, Lawbreakers, which we previewed last week.

The beta for the game in June peaked at 7,500 players on Steam, with the second open beta having 40% less, and now at launch there's 60% less players, according to the report, peaking at 3,000 concurrent players. I ran into it several times during a Blitzball round and a Turf War game, and it cost me a couple of kills because the split-second I experienced freezing my enemy had already gunned me down. Though there are enough players to find matches, these numbers don't bode well for the long term.

LawBreakers apparently struggled to maintain players during its most recent betas, signalling trouble ahead of its release. A tweet from Boss Key suggests the problem is limited to "when players change roles/leave match".

Prior to this statement Brussee responded to a question about the problem stating, "We broke something (showed only after we unlocked everything) and thought we fixed it".

If you haven't heard much about LawBreakers, it is a first person shooter that centres around vertical, in-air combat, allowing for easy multidirectional movement and an innovative movement system. Though teams may not play as characters from the opposite side, the chosen Roles have the same equipment and play-style regardless of team.

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