Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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Leah Remini Wants 'Aftermath' To Prompt Federal Investigation Into Scientology

Leah Remini Wants 'Aftermath' To Prompt Federal Investigation Into Scientology

The two actresses will be in the same room next month as both have been nominated for an Emmy award and are both expected to attend the ceremony.

"Elisabeth Moss believes that she can't talk to me", Remini said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "There's a thing in Scientology called 'acceptable truth.' It means you only say what's acceptable to the public". The first season earned Remini an Emmy nomination for best informational series or special, and she is happy with the response from former Scientology members. "I am fighting for my children after watching your show, '" she said.

Leah, who became part of the organisation at the age of eight, insists she understands the predicament The Handmaid's Tale star finds herself in, adding: "And me knowing that, I wouldn't put her in the awkward position". Oh, and Leah isn't tip toeing around any controversial topics as she went into great detail about how the faith handles child molesters. She said she doesn't hold anything against Moss, except for "continuing to support a group that is abusive and destroying families".

Series two of "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" airs on A&E on August 15th. Because of this, Remini was asked what might happen if she were to run into Moss during September's awards ceremony.

Describing some of the abusive practices she mentioned, she tells that Scientologists believe that children are just adults in smaller bodies.

More specifically, Remini hopes that through the pair's in-depth research of Scientology and its "abusive practices", the USA federal government will eventually step in and conduct a thorough investigation of the religion.

'I spent most of my life being told the world outside Scientology would fail me, that I would fail, and that without it I wasn't worth a whole lot, ' Leah said as she accepted her award. I chose to leave.

Leah Remini is calling for a federal investigation into the Church of Scientology.

The former King of Queens star has been extremely vocal in her disagreement with the Church of Scientology since leaving it in 2013. "This shows the extent Leah Remini is willing to go in order to distort the truth about Scientology". During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show previous year, the Kevin Can Wait star alleged that she had "been followed", but said her story "pales in comparison to what happened to other people" and "how people are bullied into silence". A second season of the series is scheduled to begin next week, THR noted. "I thank you for proving those theories wrong".

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