Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Microsoft Creators Program Launches For Xbox One And Windows 10

Microsoft Creators Program Launches For Xbox One And Windows 10

Microsoft invented the modern Achievements concept when the feature launched with the Xbox 360, and we've seen those little pop-up badges show up everywhere since. Microsoft is introducing some changes to the Insider Program that will make it easier to opt into the Insider Program and give people more access to testing opportunities. Hence this is why there is a change heading to the Xbox One achievements list. Indeed, Microsoft is about to publish a new system upgrade for Xbox One, originally reserved for the members of the Insider program and available in a few days for the rest of the users. Another system is simply being developed to complement that feature. Since you will be downloading updates regularly, you will use up a lot of bandwidth, from 4 GB a month at the lowest Omega ring to as much as 80 GB monthly in Alpha.

On the Xbox One console, we've created a special section of the Store called Creators Collection, so that your game can be easily discovered by people looking for something new.

The good news is that those from higher rings can opt to descend to the lower ones if they're anxious about their numbers. In order to go past Omega and it the other three levels of the Xbox One Insider Program, you need to take a two factors into consideration: longevity and amount of feedback given.

The Insider Program for Xbox One, a program that allows players to test updates before full release, is now available to all. In a nutshell, the higher you are on the ladder, the earlier you're able to get preview builds. Then get started on your Xbox Live integration by checking out the Creators Program page and the Xbox Live Creators Program step by step guide. You can play brand new games, watch Netflix or HBO and any other streaming app on your Xbox One.

Invite-only access ring reserved for Xbox Insiders that provide the most customer feedback, report problems with clear repro steps, and are especially active on Xbox One consoles.

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