Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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Taylor Swift Testifies Against Fired Radio Host In Sexual Assault Case

Taylor Swift Testifies Against Fired Radio Host In Sexual Assault Case

Swift's attorneys have pointed to that as evidence of the inappropriate touching, and noted that KYGO cited the photo as one reason for his termination.

"I want people to have a good time at my meet-and-greets at concerts", she said.

Call said he fired the DJ because of his shifting accounts of the incident, and because the photo showed that Mueller's hand was "not where it was supposed to be".

When the possibility was suggested that Mueller may not have been the person who groped her.

The photo in question.

In addition, Baldridge referenced Mueller's description of Swift in a court deposition as cold and standoffish. She said it was clear to her that Swift "was trying to get away" from Mueller.

MUSIC superstar Taylor Swift told a United States court Thursday of her shock as she realized she was being groped during a photo opportunity in Colorado, as she faced the former DJ she accuses of assaulting her.

Hershel Coomer told a jury Thursday that he briefly chatted with Swift at an event for radio directors at Pepsi Center in Denver.

The station's program manager Herschel Coomer - known in the industry by the pseudonym Eddie Haskell - testified that Mueller was adamant he hadn't done anything improper. "I had never dealt with something like this before", Swift said.

Swift's personal assistant at the time, Gabrielle Liddicoat, shared what she remembered about the 2013 incident during a testimony on Thursday.

He denies groping Swift and claims in his lawsuit that he was falsely accused and lost his job because of the allegation.

"I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn't". In response to Mueller's attorney's question of whether she was critical of her bodyguard for not preventing the alleged assault, she replied, "I am critical of your client for sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass".

Mueller denied groping her in testimony on Wednesday.

The photograph, repeatedly displayed in court, shows the pop star in a black skirt and top, flanked by Mueller and his girlfriend, all three smiling for the camera.

Mueller initiated the litigation, claiming Swift fabricated the groping story and pressured KYGO to fire him.

Swift with her mum, who said the incident "made her want to vomit".

Her testimony lasted about an hour. He was a DJ at a radio station in Denver in 2013 and was invited backstage with his girlfriend before a concert.

Swift argued that Dent was unable to see what had happened based on his positioning in the room where the meet-and greet took place, and that he was focused on the fans entering the photo booth.

On Wednesday, Mueller testified that the photo-taking experience was "weird and awkward", but insisted he touched Swift's ribs, not her buttocks.

Swift, as captured by a court artist, takes the stand during the trial. In fact, her mother said she at first tried to persuade her to keep quiet in order to avoid publicity and its associated humiliations.

"I knew what happened, I heard it from her, I heard it from my daughter's mouth", she said.

"Because my ass is located in the back of my body", the "Shake it Off" singer said Thursday at the Denver civil trial in which she seek a symbolic $1 judgment.

Mueller, 55, is suing Swift, alleging she and her team slandered him by telling his employer about the incident, resulting in his firing. Swift then countersued for assault and battery. It was intentional. He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek.

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