Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Trump takes credit for "stronger" USA nuclear arsenal

Trump takes credit for

There has been no significant change in nuclear modernization plans under Mr. Trump, said Todd Harrison, a defense analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. What does he mean by "fire and fury"?

Lost in the media's frantic coverage about the peaking North Korea crisis, a small, but very important detail escaped much of the US's notice that could be a window to peace between two feuding nuclear powers.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he doesn't believe there is "any imminent threat" from North Korea, including to the us territory of Guam.

Trump issued a new threat to North Korea on Thursday, demanding that Kim's government "get their act together" or face extraordinary trouble.

As worldwide alarm escalated, Trump dug in on his threats of military action and posted video of his ultimatum to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump wrote in an early morning tweet: "My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal".

The threatened attack near Guam, if carried out, would be the North's most provocative missile launch to date.

Trump warned Tuesday that he would unleash "fire and fury" against North Korea if it continued to threaten the United States.

He downplayed speculation that the threats move the US closer to a military option. The country has far exceeded USA expectations and has successfully produced a miniaturized warhead that can fit inside its missiles.

En route home from a trip to Asia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson assured Americans not to worry.

"I think the president just wanted to be clear to the North Korean regime that the USA has the unquestionable ability to defend itself, will defend itself and its allies, and I think it was important that he deliver that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part", he told reporters earlier on Wednesday.

Mattis also stressed that while the State Department is seeking a diplomatic resolution, the US and its allies are prepared to defeat any armed threat.

The release detailed a number of potential issues with traveling to North Korea, including the lack of USA diplomatic services, the country's system of law enforcement and risk of detention for crimes such as criticizing the leadership, possessing material critical of the government, or taking unauthorized photographs.

"Americans should sleep well at night", Tillerson said.

Tillerson spoke to reporters as he flew from Malaysia to Washington, stopping in Guam to refuel.

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