Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

US State Dept. Updates North Korea Travel Warning Ahead of Tourist Ban

US State Dept. Updates North Korea Travel Warning Ahead of Tourist Ban

"These statements are irresponsible and risky, and also senselessly provide a boon to domestic North Korean propaganda, which has long sought to portray the United States as a threat to their people", reads the letter signed by the lawmakers. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio sounded deep concern over the situation with North Korea and say all options should be on the table, including a USA military strike.

He defended President Donald Trump against criticism of using overly aggressive rhetoric.

The statement is a direct response to bipartisan criticism of the ultimatum Trump issued to North Korea on Tuesday.

Rubio's defense of the President's comments is at odds with the opinions of some of his colleagues in the Senate - including Republicans - who criticized Trump for the harsh rhetoric.

According to Action News Jax, during a speech in Jacksonville on Wednesday, U.S. Sen. "I think the problem is a lunatic in North Korea with nuclear weapons".

"North Korea poses a serious threat to the US and all options should be on the table to protect the American people".

The US Department of State on Thursday issued an updated travel warning for North Korea to include information about the impending tourist ban.

Rubio said he was not advocating for a strike but, "as bad as that would be, it would be worse to live in a world held hostage by this man's ability to strike the United States with a weapon".

They requested details on steps that the administration is taking to promote the prospects for direct talks that could "lower the potential for catastrophic war and ultimately lead to the denuclearization of the peninsula".

Rubio was among many Republicans in the 2016 presidential primary and he and Trump had a heated and at times publicly contentious relationship past year.

But when asked to describe his confidence in Trump's ability to handle the crisis, Nelson would only refer to Trump's chief of staff and top military aide.

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