Published: Thu, August 17, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

EE TV adds voice commands through Amazon Alexa

EE TV adds voice commands through Amazon Alexa

Not only that, the e-commerce giant is also planning to bring the "Prime Music Service" to India as well. The bigger Echo won't be visiting the Indian shores anytime soon.

Reportedly, the company has been testing the Echo Dot at its office in Bangalore for quite some time now.

Amazon seems all set to expand its reach for the sprawling smart home speaker market in India, the world's second largest Internet market. If Skills get into the top brackets for engagement in their category and country, Amazon will email the developer around the middle of the month following the skill getting into the charts.

The Echo Dot, available at present in the United States and several other markets, supports a range of music integrations and other skills. Despite media reports to the contrary, Gadgets 360 understands Spotify has no plans to launch its service in India this year.

From today, owners of both the EE TV box and a compatible Alexa device, such as the Echo or Echo Dot, will be able to use voice commands sent from the connected speakers to control certain aspects of the TV interface. Amazon has to work hard to programme it's AI Alexa to recognise and analyse different accents and languages. The devices were expected to arrive in India this year, and a new report suggests that 18 October, 2017 marks that date. The company is reported to announce the speaker this Diwali and it will be priced at Rs 11,000 to Rs 12,000. The Echo Dot will come preloaded with all the apps from the Amazon ecosystem but will be tailored for India.

A free open source license for the toolset is now available on GitHub.

According to an estimation from investment banking advisory firm Evercore, the Echo Dot is sold at a price between 10 and 20 percent less than the cost of the hardware.

The report adds that the launch prices of the two devices in India will be in line with their USA prices.

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