Published: Thu, August 17, 2017
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Watch Tim Tebow get hit in head by pitch

Watch Tim Tebow get hit in head by pitch

The grandson of the year, Danny Terp, found Tebow in Tampa where the superstar was playing in a minor league baseball game with the St. Lucie Mets.

Tebow, being the nice guy that he is, obliged by speaking into the camera and wishing "Miss Margaret" the following message: "What's up Miss Margaret, it's Tim Tebow".

Danny Terp, 17, a high school student, went down to the St Lucie baseball game against Tampa on Saturday specifically to see Tebow.

"That's something to hear him say your name."
The outfielder agreed and the fan captured the entire moment on video.

Tebow's kind act is just the latest in a string of good deeds the former Heisman Trophy victor has done in his time in single-A. The fan asked Tebow to just say "hello", but the former football star offered up far more. He's hit eight home runs with two teams this season. My granny and I have always shared a special love for Tebow.

Terp wrote a note of thanks to Tebow for taking the time to make her day, noting it was the biggest smile she's had since her stroke.

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