Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Blizzard will reveal new Overwatch map at GamesCom next week

Blizzard will reveal new Overwatch map at GamesCom next week

In a recent blog post, Blizzard teased some of the content players can expect to Blizzard to reveal at Gamescom next week. Blizzard and the title's team have been rolling out new ones at an increasingly frequent pace, with the Château Guillard Deathmatch map and the Lucioball arena releasing in the past two weeks alone. Posting on, the studio promised its "best show yet", with videos, playable demos, cosplays, meet-and-greets, and more related to its biggest games.

If you're headed to the show, Blizzard will (naturally) be selling plenty of merchandise in its store over in Hall 5. For those who will be in attendance, they can experience a brand new Overwatch Map on Monday.

Hearthstone's Fire Gathering will showcase some of its new features and players can even take part in a Brawl to raid against the Lich King.

To celebrate the latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, gamers in Cologne will be able to grab a free frozen treat and participate in Hearthstone activities at the gamescom city festival-where the Hearthstone traveling ice cream truck will be making its final European stop on the Ice Cream Citadel tour on Friday and Saturday from 15:00-23:00.

You can check out the full list of events for all Blizzard games and set alarms for whatever streams you're interested in via the official Blizzard Gamescom site.

People lucky enough to attend live on the scene will have the opportunity to score some Blizzard swag, including "brand-new and convention-exclusive items", while the rest of us will have to be content with livestreams. It will be an exciting week ahead as more details about new additions in Blizzard's first-person shooter game will be revealed.

Heroes of the Storm: Showdown will be a live show including fights between community personalities and pros.

Speaking of new content, attendees will get the chance to play a new Overwatch map that Blizzard will unveil during its Monday video presentation. StarCraft 2 will allow its co-op commander to be playable while Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer and StarCraft: Remastered will also be playable.

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