Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Facebook to demote stories with fake video play buttons

Facebook to demote stories with fake video play buttons

A static-image-as-video is an image disguised as a video.

"People want to see accurate information on Facebook, and so do we" the company also asserted.

As to what types of steps Facebook is taking to address these types of contents might be, it starts with an update that is meant to lower the rankings of any video found to have committed any of the acts associated with click bait. To counter that, Facebook has now announced its latest effort to fight clickbait stories, and this time it's for videos.

In order to limit such spam posts, Facebook will be demoting stories that feature fake video play buttons and static images disguised as videos in News Feed in the coming week. To combat this trend, Facebook has updated its algorithms to demote these stories in the News Feed.

The promotion of longer videos by Facebook has led to spammers deceiving users in recent months, with the aim of tricking them into clicking into sites with malicious links.

The social network faced heavy criticism in the wake of the 2016 US Presidential elections for allowing inaccurate stories to proliferate on its platform, and for creating a "bubble" that made it more hard for users to access stories outside their typical news sources or areas of interest.

One of the twenty or thirty worst things about Facebook is when you go to click on a video button to watch a video, because that how you've been trained, only to be pushed through to an article.

Last January, Facebook users may have noticed a change in the type of video appearing in their News Feed.

The social media platform said that publishers that rely on these intentionally deceptive practices should expect the distribution of those clickbait stories to markedly decrease. Last year, the company started identifying common clickbait phrases and suppressing links that either withhold information or create misleading expectations about the linked story.

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