Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Auckland Council supports response to fuel shortage

Auckland Council supports response to fuel shortage

Immigration New Zealand will issue free electronic visas to people whose visas are expiring because of cancelled flights during the jet fuel crisis.

Ms Voss said the problem was a challenging issue for all airlines operating in and out of Auckland and she apologised to passengers affected by the fuel shortage.

New Zealand's air traffic control provider Airways said on its website on Tuesday it was implementing fuel conservation measures to help alleviate the impact of the fuel shortage, and up to 10 days of disruption to passengers was expected.

"Air New Zealand and fuel oil companies are working together at ensuring fuel supply for Air New Zealand during this crisis".

According to Auckland Airport, "Refining New Zealand, which owns the Marsden Point fuel refinery is ... working on repairing a section of its damaged fuel pipeline which connects the refinery in Marsden Point to Wiri Oil Services Limited in Auckland, which in turns supplies airlines with aviation fuel at the airport".

But "as this situation is outside of Air New Zealand's control", customers would need to contact their insurer for assistance "with any accommodation or out of pocket expenses incurred", she said.

Fiji Airways guests travelling to and from Auckland may experience disruptions and delays to their flight due to restrictions on jet fuel supply at Auckland Airport.

The pipeline is believed to have been damaged by a digger, although the cause is still being investigated.

Meanwhile, fuel rationing at Auckland Airport is likely to continue for airlines until next Thursday, a spokesman for the oil industry says.

Air NZ was now assessing the financial impact of the fuel-line cut on its own business, she said.

"In turn, airlines are taking steps to limit refueling in Auckland including undertaking refueling stops on long-haul services and domestic services into Auckland carrying more fuel to enable a return trip".

It comes as rationed supplies continue to disrupt airline services, but are yet to have a major impact on Auckland's supply of vehicle fuel.

Board of Airline Representatives NZ executive director Justin Tighe-Umbers, whose organisation represents 28 airlines, says networks are starting to stabilise.

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