Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

NVIDIA SHIELD TV bundle with remote now available for just $179

NVIDIA SHIELD TV bundle with remote now available for just $179

This week the folks at NVIDIA have done a bit of clever re-branding to make their war with Apple TV more visible. The original Shield TV offerings will still be available for those more interested in the Shield TV's gaming or media server capabilities.

The newest configuration of the SHIELD TV will sell for $179, which is the same price as Apple's latest streaming box.

"NVIDIA SHIELD is a streaming beast". This device is the second-generation NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device, coming with a smaller body and a slightly different packaging of hardware than the first generation. The difference between the other two SHIELD packages is $20 and a gaming controller. Nvidia will also keep around the $200 configuration with a controller, which seems like the better option given that it's not that much more expensive and lets you get even more use out of the Shield TV. Customers who pick up this model and decide that they would like to have the gamepad controller as well will actually end up paying $40 over and above the price of the full version.

It's also worth noting that as of right now, the Apple TV doesn't offer Amazon Prime streaming (though that's on its way) and its YouTube app doesn't support 4K playback (though that could change eventually, too). It's nice to see one of Androids best media devices meeting the Apple ecosystem head on, as it's a win-win no matter what side you're on. In his review a year ago, my colleague Dan Seifert wrote that the Shield TV is "best for gamers" and that if you're not interested in gaming, "you're better off saving money and going with an Amazon Fire TV or Roku Ultra".

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