Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Trump 'decided' on Iran deal

Trump 'decided' on Iran deal

That's why we can not simply look on as if we are spectators.

With his threat to "totally destroy North Korea", Mr Donald Trump has stoked fresh jitters in Asia.

In an address on Tuesday, Trump escalated his standoff with North Korea over its nuclear challenge, threatening to "totally destroy" the country of 26 million people if the North threatened the United States and its allies.

South Korea said Trump's speech showed a "firm and specific stance".

Earlier this week, Mattis revealed that he has drawn up military options for striking North Korea that would not put the South Korean capital of Seoul at risk, but declined to elaborate further.

When asked about the new nickname for North Korea's Supreme Leader, Ri said of Trump "I feel sorry for his aides".

Journalists covering the UN General Assembly mocked President Donald Trump during his speech on Tuesday, Russian state television said.

Earlier this month, North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date and it was subsequently slapped with fresh, tough United Nations sanctions.

If the USA decides to break the agreement, Rouhani said, "any choice and any option" are open for Iran "that we see as beneficial to our country", but he dismissed Trump's "baseless accusation" that the nuclear deal may be providing cover for Iran's eventual construction of nuclear weapons.

"I am against such threats", Merkel said in an interview with the radio station Deutsche Welle.

There are plenty of reasons for Putin to aid North Korea in arming their military, one of which includes creating a massive distraction in the United States to divert attention from investigations looking into Russian election meddling. Russian Federation helps North Korea when it comes to finance, and they are a huge benefit in providing them with economic boosts.

He said previous diplomatic policies undertaken by prior presidential administrations have attempted to preclude North Korea from researching and developing nuclear capabilities, but those policies failed. Since Pyongyang's sixth and largest nuclear test on September 3, however, Moon has said the time is not right for dialogue.

The Archbishop went on to say that building up a strong military-one or Mr. Trump's stated priorities-is counterproductive and hearkens back to a Cold War mentality.

Rouhani said Iran's 10-year agreement to purchase fuel for its nuclear reactor at Bushehr is coming to an end and it may want to produce its own enriched uranium for fuel, but "never, ever, at all nuclear weapons". But U.S. officials argue that Tehran's ballistic missile tests and its support for militant groups and Syria's dictator breach the spirit of the deal. That's the only way for us to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

As the North continues to advance its capabilities while threatening to reduce the USA and its allies to ashes, the Kim regime is rapidly developing the ability to turn rhetoric into reality.

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