Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Kerala cops probe canards about migrant labourers

Kerala cops probe canards about migrant labourers

"A north Indian lobby is trying to propagate a false campaign through the social media against the migrant labourers in Kerala".

The video clip, which was being circulated for the last two days, purportedly showed a man from West Bengal, who was employed in a hotel, being beaten to death by the hotel owner.

"[An] initial probe reveals that a few have spread the panic message after migrant labourers started leaving for their home states to celebrate Diwali and Pooja holidays", City police chief S Kaliraj Mahesh Kumar was quoted as saying.

In a series of tweets and in a FB post, the CM condemned the attempts "by vested interests to tarnish the image of Kerala by spreading unrest in the peaceful atmosphere of the state".

"There are no confirmed reports of violence or any such unpleasant incidents in Kerala against migrant workers in the recent past. We immediately brought this to the attention of the media and police", said Suhail. Meanwhile, state police chief Loknath Behera appealed to the kith and kin of the migrant workers not to fall prey to such malicious campaign.

"In fact other state workers are given good consideration in Kerala".

Amid fears that migrant workers are fleeing Kerala after rumours of attacks and killings, the state government has urged them to stay put and assured they would be safe. Backing up its commitment to the safety of migrant workers in Kerala, the government on Tuesday announced a slew of measures for their welfare.

According to the Newspaper, Efforts were on to trace the source of the malicious propaganda and stern action would be taken against the offenders.The Minister said the government was rolling out a scheme to provide medical care and insurance for migrant workers in several sectors.

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